Bespoke Wooden Cases - Made & Supplied

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Newick Packers make and supply plywood and timber cases in all shapes and sizes, all compliant with ISPM 15. Amongst the many types of bespoke cases we can supply are:

  • Plywood Cases - using 12mm plywood for extra resilience, providing value for money for lighter cargo.
  • Plywood/Batten Cases - reinforced with timber battens, cases can be supplied to any size, either fully assembled or flat-packed.
  • Live Animal Containers and Carriers – all constructed to IATA specification using ISPM15 timber, ensuring your animal arrives safely.
  • Re-usable Wooden cases – with spring clips/catches for multiple uses e.g. Aircraft parts, Exhibition Goods, Artworks etc.
  • Specialist packing cases - safely transport or store senstive scientific aparatus or samples.

Whether you need wooden cases to transport valubles via freight or longterm storage boxes, Newick Packers can cater for all your packing needs. We make cases for everything from furniture and sculpture, to cars and industrial equipment.