Airfreight Packing - 10 Minutes from Gatwick Airport

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Exporting Goods via Air Freight

From air courier services through to cargo aircraft, no matter what the size, your goods need to be packed securely and safely to meet the demands of international transport. Many years of air freight experience combined with industry knowledge ensure that we provide the correct packing for your valuable cargo.

As well as our full range of Case-making services, for lightweight cargo we also provide a range of Pallet Boxes and Cartons

Specialised Airfreight Packing Services

For your valuable scientific equipment and other fragile or sensitive goods we can also supply many types of internal protection, including:

  • Stratocell - dense foam lining or strips to absorb shock/vibration in transit
  • Polystyrene lining
  • Vacuum sealed foil bags
  • Desiccant (silica gel pouches) used usually in conjunction with foil bags to absorb moisture and protect against corrosion in a humid/damp atmosphere
  • Tip 'n' Tell indicators for goods which need to remain upright
  • Shockwatch warning indicators to reduce the risk of damage from shock

All of the above packing services can be provided at our Gatwick location or on-site. Using our IATA trained staff we also offer a full range of Hazardous Goods Packing Services.