Road freight Packing - UK wide or international

Motorbike Case Arcade Cabinet Timber Case for Pump Case Loading onto Truck

Whether valuable domestic cargo or goods travelling by road through multiple countries across difficult terrain, you can be confident that your freight will be secure. From palletisation, ply/batten cases through to timber crates and up to the heaviest loads we offer flexible and cost-effective options for road freight.


All goods fully wrapped and secured using:

  • Plastic or Steel Strapping
  • Cling wrap / cardboard / bubble wrap
  • Ratchet Straps / Bolts

Using simple standard or Euro pallets, or we can custom-build wooden bases to order for larger items such as plant, machinery, pipework and so on.

Case Making

We also offer our full range of Case-making Services

for roadfreight both at our Gatwick location or on-site. Made to requirements our wooden boxes, crates and cases are built to high standards from sustainably sourced materials.

On-Site Packing

We offer on-site packing for goods which are too delicate to be moved before packing, or extra-large items. We will come to you to assess your requirements, cases are then be pre-built and delivered for us to secure and pack the goods. All of the internal protection offered, including vacuum bags, can be supplied on-site.