Artwork & Antiques Packing - Fragile items and valuables

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Newick Packers also provides specialist services to pack artworks and antiques. Bespoke cases are carefully built to protect and support delicate and fragile items, a number of different wrapping and protection methods are used according to the type of items being shipped: -

Fragile Packing Services

  • Silicon release paper for artworks / oil canvas
  • Pre-wrapping to avoid other packaging materials damaging the surface
  • Stratocell - foam lining or strips to absorb shock/vibration in transit
  • Polystyrene lining
  • Desiccant (silica gel pouches) absorb moisture and protect against humidity
  • Tip 'n' Tell indicators for goods which need to remain upright
  • Shockwatch warning indicators to reduce the risk of damage from shock